About Us

    ESL puts all of your bills into one simple payment, and splits it equally between your student house. These payments are taken in line with student loans, so you don’t need to worry about budgeting around your bills. We manage all of your utilities, broadband and TV licences, offering huge allowances for our gas and electric. You will get money back for whatever gas and electric you don’t use and all packages include a free gift!



    Elliott Herrod – Taylor

    Managing Director 

    Hobbies: Going to darts with my mum, running a drum and bass night in Leeds
    Favourite Sports Team: Bath rugby, Arsenal
    Favourite Film: Love Actually
    Favourite Meal: A spicy curry


    Will Stewart

    Head of Marketing 

    Hobbies: Football,
    Favourite Sports Team: Man United
    Favourite Film: Stepbrothers
    Favourite Meal: Duck and pancakes


    Noah Russell

    Head of Operations

    Hobbies: Football, Listening to hip-hop and cars
    Favourite Sports Team: Chelsea
    Favourite Film: Ali G
    Favourite Meal: Eggs on toast


    Angus James

    Head of Design

    Hobbies: Skating, Art, Photography, Music
    Favourite Sports Team: Chelsea
    Favourite Film: Pulp Fiction – Thurman and Travolta
    dance scene… genius
    Favourite Meal: Something with chicken and avocado


    Penny HT

    Head of Customer Care

    Hobbies: The soaps on TV
    Favourite Sports Team: Whichever team my sons
    are playing for
    Favourite Film: Four weddings and a funeral
    Favourite Meal: Whatever I shouldn’t eat

    + All the other friendly team at Easy Student Living